Friday, 17 January 2014

Keogh's Crisps

So recently I was in an Insomnia Cafe hiding away from rain on my way from a minor shopping trip to our local grocery stores, and I was looking at the coeliac options and mentally swearing a little.  I'm not really a chocolate person, sometimes I will eat them but I have to be in a particular humour.  Then my husband pointed out that they had the new Keogh's Crisps Dubliner Irish Cheese and Onion wot are Gluten Free now. (Announced on their facebook page but as of writing this post, not on the website) They were very good, I still prefer the Sea Salt and Irish Cider Vinegar or low salt variations but this is a nice occasional treat.

Crisps are a bit of a pain, I only get to eat expensive crisps most of the time, no Tayto, King or Hunky Dory's for me, all contain or may contain Gluten.  Lidl do have some of their Deluxe range that I haven't reacted to.  Oh yeah that's the fun gamble, will I react or not...  Sometimes I'm in the mood, sometimes not, I had lunch on Monday that had me ill for two days, one of which lead to missing a day of work, because I ate food that shouldn't have done anything to me, but did.  Sometimes it works, Monday it didn't.  It's the lottery of living with Gluten sensitivity.

Monday, 13 January 2014

M&S - Orange & Polenta Biscuits

I plan to review some more of the range as I buy and eat more of it, mostly again, I like the range in general and the Lemon Sponge cake  is my particular weakness, the fact that their sausage range is mostly gluten-free is a huge bonus.

Today I tried the Orange & Polenta Biscuits.  They're not bad, probably would be very good as dunking biscuits as they're quite dry and slightly hard.  Tomorrow I'll try them in some tea or coffee.  I prefer my biscuits a bit more moist, these are more biscotti in texture but they're nice.